Simple Protein

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simple protein

[′sim·pəl ′prō‚tēn]
One of a group of proteins which, upon hydrolysis, yield exclusively amino acids; included are globulins, glutelins, histones, prolamines, and protamines.

Protein, Simple


a protein that is composed solely of α-amino acids in a peptide bond. Simple proteins are classified according to their solubility in water and saline solutions into seven groups: glutelins, histones, albumins, globulins, prolamins, protamines, and scleroproteins. Proteolytic enzymes, including pepsin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, and papain are also simple proteins.

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0, and no intercept (background) effects were present whether simple protein precipitation or additional SPE cleanup was performed.
This system could function to transport those proteins that must be removed from the OL plasma membrane so that the myelin sheaths will be left with their select and rather simple protein composition.
When we say we eat "complete proteins", what we are eating is food that contains all the EAA polypeptides which have formed into their fairly simple protein molecules.
The computer program simulates evolution by first designing a simple protein based on that backbone and then adding onto it to model a larger, more complicated protein.

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