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(1) See SMA connector.

(2) (Shared Memory Architecture) See shared video memory.

(3) (Software Maintenance Association) A membership organization that began in 1985 and ended in 1996. With chapters worldwide, it was dedicated to advancements in software maintenance.

(4) (Systems Management Architecture) An IBM network management repository.

(5) (Spectrum Manufacturers Association) A DBMS standard for application compatibility.
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The simple moving average calculates the average value from a constant number of values (window) that moves with time.
SIVIA10 denotes the market timing strategy that uses the 10-month simple moving average strategy.
The prediction using Simple Moving Average (SMA) is done under assumption, that forecasted value of the fifth period is equal to the average of last four periods:
Two additional parameters added to slow stochastics<br> - The ability to change from using an simple moving average to an exponential moving average<br> - Trades more closely with price and has fewer whipsaws during sudden price moves
The British Pound has been trading more-or-less above the 200-period simple moving average since June 9 on a 60-minute chart.
Traders of the USDJPY can still find opportunities in the pair, and it is worth noting that prices are currently strongly capped below its 200 Simple Moving Average on the Daily timeframe around the 121 area.
lt;h1>200 Simple Moving Average (SMA)</h1>
While the intial break of a trendline that connected Oct 2007, Aug 2008, Sept 2008 and May 2009 highs would not immediate produce a shift in drive, we have seen that the confluence of the 200-day simple moving average and 38.
Technically, TASI has violated the short-term trend line support that started on May 16, but has succeeded to close above the 20 days simple moving average of 5,887.

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