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Simula a.s., Postboks 4403 - Torshov, N-0402 Oslo 4, Norway, versions for almost every computer.

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["Object-Oriented Programming with SIMULA", Bjorn Kirkerud, A-W 1989].

["Data Processing - Programming Languages - SIMULA", Swedish Standard SS 63 61 14 (1987), available through ANSI].

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La version llamada Simula 67 cambio el concepto de procesos por el concepto de clase.
La version original de Simula ofrecio al usuario dos clases basicas predefinidas, servidor y cliente, pero fue solamente hasta Simula 67 cuando aparecieron clases definidas por el usuario.
They developed Simula's successor, Simula 67, by extending the Algol 60 language with two fundamental concepts, encapsulation and inheritance, and two companion mechanisms, instantiation and subclassing.
Simula 67 already provided some support to simulate logically distributed programs.
This led to the development of Simula 67, a general programming language.