Sincai, Gheorghe

Şincai, Gheorghe


Born Mar. 11, 1754, in Rîciu, Transylvania; died Nov. 2, 1816, in Şinca, Transylvania. Rumanian historian and educator. Doctor of theology and philosophy.

Şincai studied at educational institutions in such cities as Rome and Vienna. From 1782 to 1794 he was the director of the Uniate primary schools in Transylvania. In his historical works, including A Chronicle of the Rumanians and Other Peoples (vols. 1–3, 1853–54), he upheld the concept of the Rumanians’ autochthony in the areas they inhabited; he also opposed serfdom. Şincai compiled the textbooks The History of Nature and A Natural Study on the Eradication of Popular Superstitions, in which he expounded the achievements of science from the standpoint of metaphysical materialism.


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