a city and administrative center of Sinel’nikovo Raion, Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Sinel’nikovo is a railroad junction, with lines to Dnepropetrovsk, Lo-zovaia, Chaplino, and Zaporozh’e. Population, 32,700 (1975). The city has enterprises serving railroad transportation. Local plants produce metal springs, reinforced concrete goods, china dinnerware, hardware, and foodstuffs. Sinel’nikovo has a cannery, a dairy, a bakery, a mixed-feed plant, and a clothing factory. [23–1241–]

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At the Sinelnikovo station they found duplicates of the world collection that Vavilov had put together in Leningrad and, among many other things, many samples of corn varieties from Mexico and Central America .
The stolen seeds from Sinelnikovo and other stations were recovered, and on top of that the Soviets took control of Germany's Gatersleben agricultural station, which housed a seed collection whose first samples were collected in the days of the Kaiser.