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The ability to generate up to 3 unrelated frequencies: 2 frequencies on single-ended outputs, and 1 on the differential output.
Unfortunately, while the proximity of the other trace in a differential pair will not change its single-ended impedance, the proximity will strongly affect the differential impedance of the pair.
Averaging improves performance in noisy or fluctuating environments and increases performance of single-ended inputs.
Though any two single-ended transmission lines can make up a differential pair, two specific qualities make them particularly effective for high-speed digital communications.
This scope trace was taken using the repetitive overlay method with one single-ended probe.
The RT-SDA-BP SCSI Converter extends the single-ended bus from 6 meters (19 feet) to the differential-ended bus length of 25 meters (82 feet).
Advances differential memory signaling to 20Gpbs and single-ended memory signaling to 12.
AISs Premium and Standard Touch Panel HMIs Offer Single-Ended and Differential Data Transmission Options Via RS232/422/485 for Added Communications Flexibility
As an option for the SFX/PXI1149/Cx-FXT and SFX/PXIe 1149/Cx-FXT controller, the PXI 1149/DAK2 has a differential test bus with a 200-pin receiver and single-ended PIP resources.
Most large BGAs have a combination of serial and parallel nets that must be routed as differential pairs and single-ended nets (respectively).
The Q2 Series has positive alignment features, edge-mount and right-angle design variations, single-ended and differential signal routing and optional EMI shielding.
The OME-PCI-1800H and OME-PCI-1800L take 16 single-ended or eight differential inputs; the OME-PCI-1802H and OME-PCI-1802L take 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs ("H"=high gain, "L"=low gain.

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