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the blank space left at the top of the first page of a publication. It is usually one-quarter of the height of the page.

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1. Any shallow depression in a surface.
2. A shallow depression in a floor; a sinkage.
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Jorge de la Madrid Virgen, coordinator of infrastructure and transportation at the Colegio de Ingenieros Civiles de Mexico (CICM), pointed out that the airport designers have addressed the sinkage problems.
[tau] and [sigma] are the shear stress and normal stress, respectively, when the wheel-soil interaction occurs at any point on the surface; z is the wheel sinkage, and [alpha] is the slope angle.
Results of the study also indicated that the number of loadings noticeably affected soil sinkage. Moreover, the first three loadings caused critical soil sinkage and the amount of soil sinkage owing to the first three loadings was about 89% and 82% of the total soil sinkage based on the FEM analysis and laboratory test results, respectively.
While the Republican plan didn't gain enough traction to have its merits debated thoroughly, it's clear that passage of SCHIP is leading to medical-care sinkage.
to reduce the amount of grave sinkage subsequent to the interment." State of New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, (last visited Dec.
Because the dam is jointly maintained by the DCR and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), both organizations are looking to solve the sinkage problem and get under way with PCB eradication.
There is also a detailed description of waterjet propulsion, as well as the effect of water depth on wash, resistance, sinkage, and trim.
Why the sinkage? New Orleans is situated on the Mississippi Delta, where water flowing front the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.
In general, productivity increased with tree size, and with favorable terrain conditions (low gradients and minimal sinkage) as would be expected.
"American's" overladen agenda -- touching on middle-class financial sinkage, medical-science options for childless couples and myriad other up-to-the-moment issues -- feels at once underdeveloped and demographically overspecific.
Kansai has been in the news in recent months as it has suffered problems with land sinkage and a reduction in traffic as both domestic and international carriers revise their schedules.