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see XinjiangXinjiang
or Sinkiang
[Chinese,=new frontier], officially Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (Mandarin Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu), autonomous region (2010 pop. 21,813,334), c.637,000 sq mi (1,650,257 sq km), NW China.
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, China.
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Pakistan declared boundary between China's Sinkiang and contiguous areas which were actually under control of Pakistan has not been demarcated from past.
Energy saving service solutions NF Energy Saving Corporation (NASDAQ:NFEC) revealed on Tuesday the execution of a USD340,000 sales contract with Sinkiang Production and Construction Group.
NF Energy Saving Corporation (NASDAQ: NFEC), an energy saving service solutions provider for China's power, petrochemical, coal, metallurgy, construction and municipal infrastructure development industries, has signed a contract with Sinkiang Production and Construction.
China with its fastest economic growth rate of 9%; is developing its southern provinces because its own port is 4500 km away from Sinkiang but Gwader is 2500 km away.
It is known that early Europids occupied parts of central Asia and also moved further eastwards into Sinkiang.
The Taliban from Afghanistan is going to move in and will be forced in to China, Sinkiang and several districts, including India that is the status of intelligence," said Lekhi.
The Bo Xilai scandal, corruption scandals and ethnic revolts in Sinkiang have hit the legitimacy of the Communist Party and the new Politburo has stressed the need for a code of conduct to govern the actions of Party mandarins.
Afghanistan is the meeting place and centre of four ecological, cultural and strategic areas; the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian Sub-Continent and the Far East, for the Pamir Mountains intrude into Chinese Sinkiang (Marwat, 1997: xiii).
Focusing marketing efforts on areas neighbouring Pakistan, such as Sinkiang province of China may also pay dividends.
To expect Bangladesh which receives water from about two dozen rivers in India not to protest is to expect India not to protest if China were to divert the Brahmaputra water to Tibet and Sinkiang.
Otro caso es de un chino llamado Wu Lie de la provincia de Sinkiang quien fue internado en un hospital despues de tragar 30 cuchillas de rasurar, 15 tijeras para cortar unas y algunas decenas de clavos.
In light of the fact that in the name of Islam Muslims are at war in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Abkhazia, Sinkiang, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Yemen, the Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Algeria, and, in terrorist mode, throughout the rest of the world; and given the many times that the most casual observers have seen excited mobs, AK47s raised, screaming "Jihad