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The downward movement of surface water generally caused by converging currents or when a water mass becomes denser than the surrounding water. Also known as downwelling.
In atmospheric optics, a refraction phenomenon, the opposite of looming, in which an object on, or slightly above, the geographic horizon apparently sinks below it.
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What does it mean when you dream about sinking?

A sinking feeling may symbolize the dreamer’s waking world if the dreamer is overwhelmed by business and financial responsibilities.

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1. A groove or recess.
2. In wood construction, the removal of some material to permit flush installation of hinges or the like.
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Sinking lines also provide another bonus; they collect far less seaweed than a floater will, as they quickly slip beneath the surface and away from where the weeds usually are.
Pumps were placed on the vessel to try to prevent it sinking but it sank at around 9.15pm."
And a thorough investigation should be made into the cause (of the sinking) with no suspicion,'' Kim quoted the president as saying.
Ashe says for "strategic reasons", the company opted for a "hybrid" in sinking both a main production shaft and a ventilation shaft concurrently.
Although Eastern Air Command is officially credited with sinking six enemy subs, the total sunk by Canadian airmen is probably closer to 30.
With each passing year, the sinking city has become doubly defenseless against hurricanes due to the loss of a natural line of protection: The marshes (swamps) and the barrier islands (long narrow islands that run parallel to the mainland) that cradle New Orleans are vanishing.
Furthermore, other teams of researchers have also begun sinking whale carcasses--off northern California, off Japan, and in the Atlantic--and have identified their own unique species.
Rescuers described the likelihood of two boats sinking in the same area so soon to the other as 'rare Insurers were investigating the sinking of each vessel as a matter of course, said coastguards.
The world's oceans have had very different histories of whaling, and Smith proposes sinking bones in various locales and then comparing the diversity of the communities that arise.
This phenomenon is probably due to the release point and its opposite effect from a sinking fastball.