Sinodik Opalnykh Groznogo

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Sinodik Opal’nykh Groznogo


(Memorial Book of Those in Ivan the Terrible’s Disfavor), a book compiled in 1582 and 1583 by decree of Ivan IV Vasil’evich the Terrible so that prayers might be said in monasteries for persons executed during his reign. The work contains only a partial listing of those killed by the oprichniki; the precise number of victims of the terror is unknown. The book includes detailed lists of the persons executed from 1567 to 1571 in connection with Prince V. A. Staritskii’s plot, approximately 3,200 names out of a total of 3,300. Other lists in the work enumerate those executed in 1564 and 1565 and from 1571 to 1575. The Sinodik opal’nykh Groznogo is a primary source for the history of the oprichnina (Ivan IV’s internal policies from 1565 to 1572).


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