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Any of the relatively large spaces comprising part of the venous circulation in certain organs, such as the liver.
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(or sine curve), the graph of the function y = sin x. It is a plane curve (see Figure 1) representing the variation in the sine as the argument, or angle, changes. A sinusoid intersects the x-axis at the points 180°k (or πk) and has maxima at the points 90° + 360°k (or π/2 + 2-πk) and minima at the points - 90° + 360°k (or - π/2 + 2πk), where k = 0, ± 1.....

Figure 1

The curve defined by the equation y = A sin (ωx + Φ0) is also sometimes called a sinusoid. The relation between this curve and the curve y = sin x is as follows: first, the x-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of ω; second, the y-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of A; and third, the curve is translated by an amount - Φ0/ω along the x-axis. The number A is called the amplitude, ω is called the angular frequency, and Φ/0 is called the initial phase angle. The sinusoid is of great importance in the theory of oscillations. [23–1296–]

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In this figure, Xin is the measured unipolar sinusoidal signal coming from the 16-bit ADC, while XRef is the reference sinusoid coming from the look up table.
The beneficial action of sildenafil administration in the microvascular level and the sinusoids has also been demonstrated in cirrhosis.
Calculation of volumetric flow and perfusion index: using the measurement of white blood cell velocity (VWBC) and sinusoidal diameter (D), the volumetric flow (VF) in each sinusoid was calculated based on the formula: VWBC x n[(D/2).sup.2].
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Resolute Integrity DES, the innovative technology used, combines the powerful clinical advantages of Resolute DES with the groundbreaking continuous sinusoid technology (CST) that encompasses one continuous, single strand of wire, making each stent comparable to a flexible spring.
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And QAM, or quadrature amplitude modulation, is an analog and digital modulation scheme that conveys data by changing some aspect of a carrier signal, or wave, (usually a sinusoid) in response to a data signal.