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Any of the relatively large spaces comprising part of the venous circulation in certain organs, such as the liver.



(or sine curve), the graph of the function y = sin x. It is a plane curve (see Figure 1) representing the variation in the sine as the argument, or angle, changes. A sinusoid intersects the x-axis at the points 180°k (or πk) and has maxima at the points 90° + 360°k (or π/2 + 2-πk) and minima at the points - 90° + 360°k (or - π/2 + 2πk), where k = 0, ± 1.....

Figure 1

The curve defined by the equation y = A sin (ωx + Φ0) is also sometimes called a sinusoid. The relation between this curve and the curve y = sin x is as follows: first, the x-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of ω; second, the y-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of A; and third, the curve is translated by an amount - Φ0/ω along the x-axis. The number A is called the amplitude, ω is called the angular frequency, and Φ/0 is called the initial phase angle. The sinusoid is of great importance in the theory of oscillations. [23–1296–]

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Histological analysis demonstrated that the hepatocytes were spread out as anastomotic cords, arranged in two cellular layers and surrounded by sinusoids, similar to those found in other Teleostei.
Equation 13 resembles the PSD of a sinusoid with frequency [f.sub.m], and amplitude scaling factor [eta].
Continued filling of the sinusoids as a result of the above processes eventually compresses the veins that carry blood away from the penis against the tunica that surrounds the corporal bodies.
All kinds of blood cells and Kupffer cells can be seen in blood vessels and hepatic sinusoids. The gall bladder of Qinghai Lizard has mucosa, muscular layer and serosa.
The gamma counter placed over the liver lobe quantifies simultaneously count rates originating from sinusoids, interstitium, bile canaliculi, and hepatocytes.
In the present study liver histological sections stained with HandE from rats receiving APAP showed multiple large foci of degenerated hepatocytes with vacuolated cytoplasm and pyknotic nuclei in addition to congestion of hepatic blood sinusoids.
Overexpression of LN in LSECs promotes capillarization of hepatic sinusoids. LN is found in the space of Disse between hepatocytes and LSECs and is related to the defenestration of LSEC as well as morphological changes in LSECs during liver fibrosis [48].
Fibrosis along the central vein and sinusoids (highlighted by Masson trichrome stain) were the main findings significantly more common in cardiac hepatopathy than in Budd-Chiari syndrome (original magnification X200).
The hepatocytes were arranged in radiating cords proceeding to the peri- phery from the central vein having sinusoids in bet- ween lined by discontinuous endothelial cells with flattened nuclei; among them were kupffer cells withrounded prominent nuclei.
This enables Qi to engineer unusual deformations into the composite, creating hinges, coils, and sinusoids.
Part 4 treats advanced concepts such as multidimensional harmonic retrieval, spectral analysis of non-stationary random signals, space-time adaptive processing, and particle filtering and tracking of varying sinusoids. Castanie directs the Research Laboratory in Telecommunications for Space and Aeronautics in France.
Bovine liver telangiectasis, a focal dilation and congestion of a group of hepatic sinusoids, is the most common liver lesion in cattle from different countries of the world [3,5,11,16,20,23,24,28].