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Any of the relatively large spaces comprising part of the venous circulation in certain organs, such as the liver.



(or sine curve), the graph of the function y = sin x. It is a plane curve (see Figure 1) representing the variation in the sine as the argument, or angle, changes. A sinusoid intersects the x-axis at the points 180°k (or πk) and has maxima at the points 90° + 360°k (or π/2 + 2-πk) and minima at the points - 90° + 360°k (or - π/2 + 2πk), where k = 0, ± 1.....

Figure 1

The curve defined by the equation y = A sin (ωx + Φ0) is also sometimes called a sinusoid. The relation between this curve and the curve y = sin x is as follows: first, the x-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of ω; second, the y-coordinates of the points of y = sin x are increased by a factor of A; and third, the curve is translated by an amount - Φ0/ω along the x-axis. The number A is called the amplitude, ω is called the angular frequency, and Φ/0 is called the initial phase angle. The sinusoid is of great importance in the theory of oscillations. [23–1296–]

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Defenestration of the hepatic sinusoids as a cause of hyperlipoproteinaemia in alcoholics.
The basic Spectral Modeling Synthesis (SMS) technique models the sounds as the sum of sinusoids plus a residual.
12) They found disorganized acini, a decrease in seromucinous glands, a depletion of secretory granules, fibrosis of the connective tissue/stroma, a reduction in the amount of blood in the submucosal sinusoids, and a decrease in vascularity.
The sinusoids become dilated and hepatocytes become necrotic when collagen accumulates in the sinusoids and venules.
The hepatic parenchyma in fish is made up of two cellular plates surrounded by sinusoids.
As circulating blood is continuously filtered through the splenic sinusoids, the normal 8 micron red blood cell can deform itself and pass through the 3 micron openings of the splenic cord.
HCC, often referred to as primary liver cancer, is caused by the malignant transformation of hepatocytes, which line the vascular sinusoids of the liver.
He focuses on the practical applications and concepts of signal processing, including MATLAB, filters, sinusoids, sampling, transforms, games, networking, parallel processing, wavelets, and sound.
More precisely, the Fourier transform describes a signal as a superposition of sinusoids at different frequencies.
Sinusoids are lined with endothelial cells and Kupffer cells.
The deep recesses in such cases are in continuity with the coronary arteries and are described as persisting intramyocardial sinusoids.
For controlled opening of respective phases of reactor, we have to insure that breaking the current occurs in the moment when sinusoids of current are passing through zero.