silicon dioxide

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silicon dioxide:

see silicasilica
or silicon dioxide,
chemical compound, SiO2. It is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alkalies, and soluble in dilute hydrofluoric acid. Pure silica is colorless to white.
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silicon dioxide

[′sil·ə·kən dī′äk‚sīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
SiO2 Colorless, transparent crystals, soluble in molten alkalies and hydrofluoric acid; melts at 1710°C; used to make glass, ceramic products, abrasives, foundry molds, and concrete.

silica, silicon dioxide

A white or colorless substance, nearly insoluble in water and in all acids except hydrofluoric; extremely hard; fuses to a colorless amorphous glass.

silicon dioxide

(SiO2) A hard, glassy mineral found in materials such as rock, quartz, sand and opal. In metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) chip fabrication, silicon dioxide is used to create the insulation layer between the metal gates of the top layer and the silicon elements below. See silica gel.
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In general Al2O3 and trace element concentrations increase as grain size and SiO2 content decreases.
Por medio de los diagramas de Alcalis total (Na2O+ K2O) vs SiO2 (FIGURA 1), la gran mayoria de las muestras se encuentran en el campo de clasificacion de rocas subalcalinas, que a su vez son clasificadas por medio del diagrama AFM (FIGURA 2) como rocas calcoalcalinas, relacionada a un ambiente compresivo de subduccion, donde la placa Caribe desciende bajo la Continental (Jaramillo & Rojas 2003), produciendo el vulcanismo que producen las rocas de Iza.
2] and PVB is existing in PVB/ SiO2 compound material.
After the treatment of Zn(OH)2, the reaction between SiO2 and Zn(OH)2 may produced silicate and reaction between Al2O3 and Zn(OH)2 may generated aluminate, which lead to the content of SiO2 and Al2O3 decreased.
The test varieties, Yuejinsimiao 2 and Peizataifeng, were grown under five fertilizer rates including 'no fertilizer', 100 kg N ha-1, 100 kg N ha-1 + 60 kg SiO2 ha-1, 125 kg N ha-1, 125 kg N ha-1 + 60 kg SiO2 ha-1.
Indeed, in FeO to SiO2 diagrams, the samples are mostly in the IAG+CAG+CCG range with most Post-POG granites identical with Ghareh Gheshlagh granitoids (fig.
Physiological phosphorus use efficiency (PPUE) and potassium use efficiency (PKUE) were highest with Peizataifeng when 125 kg N ha-1 + 60 kg SiO2 ha-1 was applied while Physiological nitrogen use efficiency (PNUE) was highest with Yuejinsimiao 2 when no fertilizer was added.
MgO and SiO2 define a trend marked by increasing SiO2 with decreasing MgO.
Effect of variation of SiO2 and Na2O on glass melting
CNTs-MIPs with MTD as a template molecule were prepared by selective MIP polymerizing on the surface of SiO2 coated MWCNTs.