Greece: see SífnosSífnos
or Siphnos
, island, c.32 sq mi (83 sq km), SE Greece, in the Aegean Sea; one of the Cyclades. It is a resort area and produces olive oil. In ancient times it had gold and silver mines.
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When on Siphnos the town hall turns white And so do the brows of the square, then the wise man must beware The ambush of wood and the red messenger.
procedente de la isla de Syros, que deja constancia de su colaboracion con la cercana Siphnos para repeler una accion pirata (IG XII, 5, 653).
For the importance of the sanctuary of Apollo at Despotiko, an islet between Antiparos and Siphnos, cf.
Superbly illustrated with monochrome photographs and line drawings, this collection of nine papers presents findings from a range of projects, including new and unpublished Linear A and Linear B inscriptions from Khania, a study of spatial arrangements and households on Andros and Siphnos, first news from field work in Kalydon, the first six years of work on the Zea Harbor Project, three towers in the Pirean puzzle, the Zea shipsheds as revealed in tile deposits, a fresh approach to the Parthenon Frieze, the cult and politics of the Knidian Aphrodite, and the notion of landscape in antiquity as a functional or aesthetic category.
This changed in the early 1980s with the Heidelberg/Oxford work, initiated by Gentner and Wagner, on Siphnos and Thasos and continued at the Early Bronze Age copper smelting sites of Skouries and Chrysokamino, as well as at other copper smelting sites and copper ore sources.
Anaxandra, the daughter of a chieftain on a small island in the Aegean Sea, is taken at age six to the island of Siphnos as a companion to King Nicanderis crippled daughter.
For example, an inscription from the Cycladic island of Syros honours Onesandros, a man from nearby Siphnos, for the assistance he gave to a slave from Syros who had been the victim of a recent pirate raid.
En 1870, Joanis Gryparis nacio en Siphnos con la disposicion innata para ser poeta, traductor y patriota.
24) Since, however, the sense of ordering is expressed by the participle, and since we are dealing with the Pythia, a perfectly possible rendering is that of Henry Cary: 'and this it was that the Pythian forewarned the Siphnians, bidding them beware';(25) and, paradoxically, of Powell himself: 'and this it was that the Pythia foretold the people of Siphnos, when she bade them beware'.
It consists of Cycladic islands--Andros (112), Tenos (113), Mykonos (115), three cities of Keos (119-122), Amorgos (124), Siphnos (126), and Sikinos (127); cities from the island of Lesbos in the eastern Aegean--Antissa (116) and Eresos (117); a city on Euboia--Hestiaia (114); cities from the Chersonese and Propontis region--Elaious (123) and Selymbria (125); cities on the Thracian coast--Dion (128-129) and Neapolis (130); and a mystery city, that of the Astraiousians (118).
Decisive evidence, as they saw it, against placing Siphnos in the period between the 425 assessment and the Peace of Nikias was that the quota (unpreserved, but with a smooth surface where a numeral would have had to have been) would not have been equivalent to 1/60th of the Siphnians' assessment of 900 dr.