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In 2013, a self-portrait by Sir Anthony van Dyck, which had been offered for sale through a prominent London dealer, was the subject of an export licence application.
A SELF-portrait by painter Sir Anthony van Dyck - at the centre of a PS10 million campaign to keep the treasure in this country - is coming to Birmingham.
T e self-portrait of Sir Anthony van Dyck, which dates to 1640, was oered to the National Portrait Gallery after billionaire art collector James Stunt, who is married to Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone's daughter Petra, agreed to withdraw.
Fiona encouraged Father Jamie MacLeod to bring his portrait to the show after thinking it might be genuine while making a programme about Sir Anthony van Dyck.
Queen Elizabeth I's Locket Ring (above) and (from top), Charles I by Sir Anthony van Dyck, Lady Mary Grey by Hans Eworth and Henrietta Maria also by Sir Anthony van Dyck.
They were of Charlotte de la Tremouille tearing up the Summons to surrender Lathom House, by the Circle of Isaac Fuller, and Charlotte de la Tremouille, by Follower of Sir Anthony van Dyck.
The Omnibus programme looks at the works of Sir Anthony Van Dyck, who painted the royals 350 years ago and was the first to make them look regal but relaxed.
THE DUTCH MASTER, Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1590-1641), court painter to Charles I, was without doubt one of the most shining lights of the Golden Age of the arts in the Low Countries, which was centred on his own native city of Antwerp.
1630-32 by Daniel Mytens [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED] and later by Sir Anthony Van Dyck, shown here in a 1634 engraving [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
Housing what is one of the country's most impressive collections of paintings, including works by renowned artists like Sir Anthony Van Dyck, it is certainly a glorious sight to behold.
This major publication examines the English work of Hans Holbein II--the most internationally significant painter to work in Britain before the arrival of Sir Anthony van Dyck in the seventeenth century.