Sir Arthur Harden

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Harden, Sir Arthur,

1865–1940, British biochemist, Ph.D. Univ. of Erlangen, 1888. Harden was a lecturer at the Univ. of Manchester (1888–1897) before becoming a researcher (1897–1930) at the British Institute of Preventive Medicine (later the Jenner Institute and then the Lister Institute). Harden was corecipient with Hans von Euler-ChelpinEuler-Chelpin, Hans Karl August Simon von,
1873–1964, Swedish biochemist, b. Germany, Ph.D. Univ. of Berlin, 1895. He spent his entire career at Stockholm Univ., first as professor and later as director of the biochemical institute.
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 of the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on the fermentation of sugar and the enzyme action involved. Harden's findings about the fundamentals of the fermentation process paved the way for others to unravel the chemistry of the breakdown of carbohydrates in muscle.
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