Sir John Carew Eccles

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Eccles, Sir John Carew

(kâr`ē, ĕk`əlz), 1903–97, Australian neurophysiologist. He was educated at the Univ. of Melbourne and at Magdalene College, Oxford. He was director (1937–44) of the Kanematsu Research Institute of Sydney Hospital and taught at the Univ. of Otago in New Zealand and at the Australian National Univ. In 1966 he went to Northwestern Univ. in Evanston, Ill., where he became head of the Institute for Biomedical Research; in 1968 he became head of the research unit of neurobiology at the State Univ. of New York at Buffalo. He shared the 1963 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Sir Alan L. HodgkinHodgkin, Sir Alan Lloyd,
1914–98, English biophysicist. For their work in analyzing the electrical and chemical events in nerve-cell discharge, he and Andrew Huxley shared with Sir John Eccles the 1963 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine.
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 and Sir Andrew F. HuxleyHuxley, Sir Andrew Fielding,
1917–2012, British physiologist, educated at University College, London; grandson of Thomas Henry Huxley, half-brother of Sir Julian Huxley and Aldous Huxley.
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 for work on the transmission of signals from nerve cells; Eccles showed that the transmission was both electrical and chemical.
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