John Kerr

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Kerr, John


Born Dec. 17, 1824, in Ardrossan, Scotland; died Aug. 18, 1907, in Glasgow. British physicist; member of the Royal Society (1890). Graduated from the University of Glasgow (1846) and taught there from 1857 to 1901. He discovered the phenomenon of birefringence in substances placed in an electric field (1875) and in a magnetic field (1876).


“A New Relation Between Electricity and Light: Dielectrified Media Birefringent.” Philosophical Magazine, 1875, vol. 50, pp. 337–48, 446–58.
“On Rotation of the Plane of Polarization by Reflection From the Pole of a Magnet.” Philosophical Magazine, 1877, vol. 3, pp. 321–43.
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It consists of an entry published in 2004 in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (co-authored with Geoffrey Browne) on Sir Paul Hasluck (Governor-General from 1969 to 1974); (24) two published obituaries for, and one reflection piece upon, the life of Sir John Kerr (Governor-General from 1974 to 1977), all written in 1991; (25) and a 1977 speech of introduction to Sir Zelman Cowen (Governor-General from 1977 to 1982) together with an address delivered at his state funeral in 2011.
He became Liberal leader in March 1975 and was appointed caretaker prime minister on November 1975 after governor-general Sir John Kerr dismissed the Whitlam Labor government.
Governor-General Sir John Kerr infamously dismissed Whitlam in 1975.
He became Governor-General in 1977, succeeding the difficult tenure of Sir John Kerr.
This means that there must be a willingness to bite when necessary--witness the Sir John Kerr and Gough Whitlam crisis in 1970s Australia.
Il est arrive qu'un gouverneur general utilise ces pouvoirs, par exemple quand sir John Kerr a congedie le gouvernement Whitlam en Australie, en 1975, mais ces cas demeurent rares.
Digby and Allison moved away from Sydney in the early 1980s, incurring more of White's wrath as they sold their unit in Kirribilli to Sir John Kerr.
The powers need to be used sparingly and--in contrast to the action of Sir John Kerr in dismissing Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam--the New Zealand approach has been cautious.
Sir David Smith was Official Secretary to five governors-general: Sir Paul Hasluck, Sir John Kerr, Sir Zelman Cowen, Sir Ninian Stephen and Mr Bill Hayden.
There are only two personal nominations from the Prime Minister, former Bank of England Governor Sir Edward George and ex-head of the diplomatic service Sir John Kerr.
It is the biggest controversy to hit the office since 1975 when then incumbent Sir John Kerr dismissed the Labor government of Gough Whitlam.
Pia Noora Kauppi (EPP, Finland) has implicitly lashed out at Sir John Kerr, the Convention's General Secretary.