Sir Samuel Cunard

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Cunard, Sir Samuel

(kyo͞onärd`), 1787–1865, Canadian pioneer of regular transatlantic steam navigation, b. Halifax, N.S. The son of a United Empire Loyalist, he became a leading businessman of Nova Scotia and engaged in banking, lumbering, shipping, and shipbuilding enterprises. His fleet at one time numbered some 40 vessels. He was interested in the development of steam navigation and owned shares in the Royal William, the first Canadian steamer to cross the Atlantic (1833) from Canada to England. When the British government invited bids (1838) for carrying mail to and from Liverpool, Halifax, and Boston, Cunard went (1839) to England and presented to the admiralty such carefully considered plans for a line of steamships that he received the contract. In association with others, he formed the British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, which in 1840 placed four ships in operation, establishing the first regular steamship service between the continents. This was the beginning of the noted Cunard Line.


See F. E. Dodman, Ships of the Cunard Line (1955); S. Fox, Transatlantic: Samuel Cunard, Isambard Brunel, and the Great Atlantic Steamship (2003).

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1787: Sir Samuel Cunard (above), shipowner, was born in Nova Scotia.
Cunard was founded in 1840, with Sir Samuel Cunard's mail steamship RMS Britannia beginning a transatlantic service to Halifax and Boston from Liverpool.
Anniversaries: 1839: Sir Samuel Cunard of Halifax, Novia Scotia, founded Cunard shipping line; 1896: The Daily Mail was first published, price one halfpenny; 1904: Work began excavating Panama Canal; 1926: General Strike in Britain started; 1938: German pacifist, journalist and Nobel Prizewinner Carl von Ossietzky died in a Nazi concentration camp; 1970: American National Guards opened fire on an anti-war demonstration killing four students at Kent State University, Ohio; 1979: Margaret Thatcher became Britain's first woman prime minister; 1980: Death of President of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito.
1787: Sir Samuel Cunard, what became the Cunard Line.
1787: Sir Samuel Cunard, ship owner, was born in Nova Scotia.
While there are many noteworthy names connected with Mersey Maritime history, I'm sure none would be more fitting than to name the pier itself after Sir Samuel Cunard, founder of the first regular Atlantic crossings or the ship which made that crossing the "Britannia".
The timeline begins in 1840, with Sir Samuel Cunard, as Britannia makes its maiden transatlantic voyage to Halifax, Nova Scotia.
1839: The Cunard shipping line was founded by Canadian Sir Samuel Cunard. 1904: Charles Rolls and Henry Royce signed a provisional agreement to produce Rolls-Royce cars.
1839: The Cunard shipping line was founded by Sir Samuel Cunard. 1896: The Daily Mail was first published, priced one halfpenny.
Then Sir Samuel Cunard had a vision to bridge the Atlantic with steamships and Cunard is still doing it.''
To enter our competition, simply call 0901-383 4265 to answer the following question: Q: What was the name of Sir Samuel Cunard's first steamship, which set off from Liverpool to Canada in July 1840?
1787 - Sir Samuel Cunard, shipowner, was born in Nova Scotia