(real name Merobe Kantardzhian). Born May 25, 1857, in Istanbul; died June 10, 1932, in Cairo. Armenian actress.

Siranuish began her stage career in Istanbul in 1873, acting in Armenian- and Turkish-language plays. In 1897 she moved to Transcaucasia with a company of actors and performed in Baku, Yereven, Tbilisi, and other cities. She toured in the Balkan countries and in Egypt and, in 1912, in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg).

Siranuish’s acting was marked by profound emotion, a spirited temperament, and originality of character depiction. Her best roles included Ophelia and Hamlet in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Desdemona, Katherina, and Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s Othello, The Taming of the Shrew, and Macbeth, respectively, Joan of Arc in Schiller’s The Maid of Orleans, the title role in Muratsan’s Ruzan, and Kruchinina in A. N. Ostrovskii’s Guilty Though Guiltless.


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