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(Persian; also sardar). (1) In the Ottoman Empire, the title of the commander of a field army.

(2) In Egypt during the period of British rule, a British officer commanding the army of the khedive.

(3) In Iran and Afghanistan, an influential high official, the head of a tribe; in such cases, “sirdar” is sometimes incorporated into the person’s name.

(4) In India, a title common among Sikhs of the Jat caste; before the British conquest of the Punjab in 1849, Sikh military leaders and representatives of the Sikh feudal stratum, such as members of the ruling dynasty and the governors of districts, were called sirdars.

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Despite the establishment of the Special Section within the Public Security Department and the best efforts of the police, (20) Sir Lee Stack, Sirdar and Governor-General of the Sudan, was attacked on 19 November 1924.
This presumably is the Sirdar but who exactly this was supposed to be remains a mystery, so maybe the card was meant to entertain while advertising the shoes on the reverse.
Minister KhalifE[umlaut] considered in a statement issued after the meeting that the Ambassador Sirdar Kellick played an active role in developing relations between the two countries.
We get some of our yarns indirectly from UK companies--all of whom have US distributors: Rowan, Sirdar (Sublime) and Debbie Bliss (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT).
It was Younes, too, who trained the three young and promising singers present with her --Aa Afaf Atef, Fathy Alfy and Ayman Sirdar.
The Corwen programme also contained full page advertisements from then well-known national companies, such as Sirdar Sauce, stating A delicious condiment - a rare digestive.
Bahadur and Sirdar Bahadur are also the official titles of members of the 2nd and 1st classes respectively of the Order of British India, established for native officers of the army in 1837.
Sirdar Vengetapathy was once more in his native land .
High literature criteria will be always applied in the evaluation of his capital works "Serdarot" ("The Sirdar," trans.
Businessman Sirdar Iqbal Singh had the idea of renaming the airport in the 1990s.
Being seriously worried about this course of events that, in his opinion, could have driven to an outbreak of the anti-British uprising, Governor-General of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and the Egyptian Army sirdar Sir Reginald Wingate began to organize an expeditionary corps.
Squadron Leader Rana, TS Chhina, Brigadier Bourne-May, Col John Moody, Harbinder Singh Rana; Balkar Singh, Capt Harnot Gill, Kamal Roop Singh; Capt Makand Singh, Staff Sgt Phillip Rokotuni, Narinder Dhesi Singh, Maj Jim Sweeney; Ray Dixon, Hadry Matharu, WO Mark Stanley, Amardeep Bains; PC Daljit Singh Nijjar, Sirdar Harminder Singh, Insp Jaswant Singh Uppal