Sirotkin, Mikhail Iakovlevich

Sirotkin, Mikhail Iakovlevich


Born Nov. 8 (21), 1908, in the village of Anatkasy, now in Cheboksary Raion, Chuvash ASSR; died Dec. 20, 1970, in Cheboksary. Soviet Chuvash literary scholar. Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1970). Member of the CPSU from 1940.

Sirotkin graduated from the Chuvash Pedagogical Institute in 1934. He fought in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45. In 1955 he became a doctor of philological sciences. He was a professor at the Chuvash Pedagogical Institute from 1956 to 1966 and at the Chuvash University from 1967 to 1970.

Sirotkin’s chief works were On the Teaching of Russian in Chuvash Schools (1935), Essays on Prerevolutionary Chuvash Literature (1948), Outline of the History of Soviet Chuvash Literature (1956), and Chuvash Folklore (1965). He was awarded three orders and several medals.


Chuvashskie pisateli: Biobibliograficheskii spravochnik. Cheboksary, 1964.