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1. a yellow-and-black Eurasian finch, Carduelis spinus
2. pine siskin a North American finch, Spinus pinus, having a streaked yellowish-brown plumage



(Spinus spinus), a bird of the family Fringillidae of the order Passeriformes. The body length is about 12 cm, and the weight, 12 to 14 g. The plumage is yellowish green with dark streaks. Siskins are distributed in Eurasia; in the USSR they are found in the zone of coniferous forests, in the forests of the Crimea and the Caucasus, and the pine forests of Kazakhstan. In the winter they wander in flocks, particularly along river valleys with thickets of hardwood trees. Siskins usually nest in spruces or pines. The clutch contains four or five eggs, which are incubated by the female for 12 days. Sometimes siskins nest twice in one summer. The diet consists of seeds of coniferous and hardwood trees, particularly alders, and aphids and other tiny insects. Siskins are often kept in cages.

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Siskins traditionally feed cone seeds but, in gardens, can be spotted nibbling away at anything from seeds, nuts and fat balls.
It was further presumed that some siskins could possibly have crossed the North Sea, again from Germany, in which country migrants from Scandinavia regularly winter.
Melanin-based trait predicts individual exploratory behaviour in siskins, Carduelis spinus.
The first Siskins to nest in Wales were in Denbigh in 1872 and Colwyn Bay's Pwllycrochan Woods in 1899, which contain few conifers.
It is now the 21st Century, Only wings made by B.A.C Siskin Drive leads to a Business Park AWA is just a fantasy.
"There was a big wave of pine siskins that came through here earlier in the season," he said.
For a free identification leaflet, or to report siskins in your garden, contact (01842) 750050, or write to BTO, GBW, Room 09, The Nunnery, Thetford, Norfolk, IP24 2PU.
Or a Siskin in a Sycamore--or a Handful of Hawks in a Hemlock
Agile Siskins love to feed on the cones and catkins found on alder and birch trees.
They caught wild male siskins and offered them their choice of feeding partners.
In the event I had to settle for jays, great spotted woodpeckers, siskins, coal tits and chaffinches, plus our friends the red squirrels.
For goldfinches and siskins, nyjer seeds are a great favourite (you will need a special hanging dispenser to hold the tiny seeds).