Site plan

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Site plan

A plan of a construction site showing the dimensions and contours of the lot and the dimensions of the building or portion thereof to be erected.
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site plan

A plan of a construction site showing the position and dimensions of the building to be erected and the dimensions and contours of the lot.
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An official told reporter here Thursday that Planning and Development (P and D) department would gave approval of the project after completion of site plan and PC-I.
An official said that as per rules, if a site plan remains unapproved within six months of its submission with the branch concerned, it is considered as approved and the applicant could execute its plan.
After the site plan is developed, it will need to be approved by the Carbondale Park District Board of Commissioners.
The Planning Board approved National Grid's site plan on Oct.
The Building Site Plans Solution includes libraries that are tailored for Cafes & Restaurants, Gyms & Spas, and more general Site plans.
A resident had appealed the Hot Springs Planning Commission's approval of the site plan for the racetrack.
Brant's planning department and Planning Advisory Committee recently recommended approval for a site plan for County Petroleum at 279 Grand River St.
His new site plan safeguarded over 80 personnel and $410M worth of USAF assets and ensured explosive storage and handling was conducted in the safest possible manner.
A proposed storage and rail distribution facility for rock products survived an appeal to have its Glenwood, Fla., site plan overturned by the Volusia County Council, according to a story by Kelly Cuculiansky in the News-Journal.
The agency has granted approval to two petitions, on a revised master site plan and a corporate restructuring.
The Hinsdale Planning Board has approved an updated application for a major site plan at a proposed Wal-Mart on Route 119.
Millworks Cohousing, the group behind a proposed 1.77-acre cohousing development project to be located at 2600 Mill Ave., has submitted a site plan to be reviewed by Bellingham's planning & community development department.

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