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Alaska: see SitkaSitka
, city (1990 pop. 8,588), Sitka census div., SE Alaska, in the Alexander Archipelago, on Baranof Island; inc. 1971. Fishing, its first industry, remains important; salmon, halibut, red snapper, crab, herring, abalone, and clams are caught.
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THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN'S UNION | MICHAEL CHABON: In this alternate-history-and-noir detective novel, Jewish refugees of World War II live in Sitka, Alaska, instead of Israel.
Now 60 years have passed, and the Sitka, Alaska settlement is only months away from the diaspora that will return the land to the Indians and scatter the Jews throughout the world.
Christensen introduces 52 letters that her great-grandmother, Anna Furuhjelm, as the new wife of the Russian colony's governor in Sitka, Alaska, wrote to her Scottish mother several years before Russia sold Alaska to the U.S.
Karoline Bekeris is a schoolteacher and a delegate from Sitka, Alaska. This was her third convention and she said this was the best one ever.
Collins, Commandant of the Coast Guard, selected a CGAS Sitka, Alaska HH-60J Jayhawk crew as recipients of the 2003 Coast Guard Foundation Award, recognizing heroic or lifesaving acts in the line of duty.
Alaska Pulp Corp., Sitka, Alaska, USA, should not receive damages from the United States government according to a January 28 ruling by a federal judge despite winning a breach of contract suit against the U.S.
He knows that morn than 400 landed near Sitka, Alaska, between November 1992 and August 1993.
In Sitka, Alaska, a group of local In women--housewives, mothers, employees of town businesses--regularly change in front of dazzled audiences, becoming a precision team of high-stepping dancers celebrating the town's historic Russian heritage.
Job Title: Community Schools Sports and Recreation Coordinator, Sitka, Alaska
Hellstern is the flight safety officer at the USCG Air Station, Sitka, Alaska.
That number includes Zena, who now attends high school in Sitka, Alaska. She thinks her generation is pushed more toward education and achievement, and away from traditional knowledge.
SHERRY BARNES is a freelance writer in Sitka, Alaska.