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(shĕ`län) or


(zē`lənd), Ger. Seeland, island (1992 pop. 1,976,882), 2,709 sq mi (7,016 sq km), E Denmark, between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. Denmark's largest island, it is separated from Fyn by the Store Bælt and from Sweden by the Øresund. Sjælland includes most of Copenhagen, the Danish capital, and the cities of Roskilde, Helsingør, Hillerød, Holbæk, Næstved, Køge, and Birkerød. The island is generally low-lying, rising to a maximum height of 413 ft (126 m) in the northeast, and has much fertile farmland. Wheat growing, dairy farming, cattle breeding, and fishing are important occupations. Sjælland's northern shore is indented by the many-branched Isefjord. The Store Bælt BridgeStore Bælt Bridge
, link comprising two bridges and a tunnel, S Denmark, across the Store Bælt strait (see Store Bælt and Lille Bælt) between Sjælland and Fyn islands. The entire project was completed in 1998.
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, between Sjælland and Fyn islands, links the island to Denmark's mainland.



or Zealand, an island in the Baltic Sea, part of Denmark. Area, 7,016 sq km (according to other figures, 7,544 sq km).

The shores of Sjælland are mostly low and cut in numerous places by bays and gulfs (the Ise-fjord, the Sejerø Bugt). Sjælland is formed of limestones and clays overlaid with glacial deposits. It is a hilly, mostly morainal plain up to 126 m in height, with some regions in the northwest lying below sea level. Sjælland’s many lakes include Arresø, the largest lake in Denmark. The beech and oak forests have been mostly destroyed. There is agriculture (feed grasses, wheat, sugar beets) and dairy cattle raising. Rail ferries connect Sjælland with Fyn Island and with Sweden. The city of Copenhagen is located on the eastern coast of Saælland and on the nearby island of Amager.

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The transfer of assets to Sparekassen Sjaelland includes around 35,000 customers with total deposits of around DKK3.
The Sjaelland region of Denmark, which signed a framework agreement choosing MetaVision for its 11 hospitals
The deal also allows Intertek to buy Statoil's analytical laboratory in Kalundborg, on the island of Sjaelland.
OTSUKA AND LUNDBECK'S SHARED VISION Otsuka started its business from Tokushima, Shikoku Island in 1921, while Lundbeck began its business in Copenhagen, Sjaelland Island in 1915.
Kalundborg, on the island of Sjaelland, is a hub for North Sea crude oil deliveries, refinery processing, and increasingly for the production of new environmentally friendly green fuels.
The actual unemployment rate in September 2009 was lowest in the northern and eastern regions of the Sjaelland island, at 2.
The move concerns unit 5 of the Asnaes power station near Kalundborg on the Sjaelland island and unit 4 of the Studstrup power station, north of Aarhus on the Jylland peninsula.
Swedish high-tech group Sectra AB said on Thursday (1 November) that it has received a SEK11m order for a mammography system from the county of Sjaelland in Denmark.
The telecommunications operator TDC awarded a contract for work in connection with the expansion and maintenance of the fixed telecommunications network on Sjaelland.
The contract, awarded for three years, covers the highway network in Sjaelland and Lolland-Falster.