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see SkåneSkåne
or Scania
, historic province of extreme S Sweden, now included in Malmöhus co. Skåne, the scene of many battles, was held by Denmark until 1658, when it was conquered by Charles X of Sweden.
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, Sweden.
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However, the overall positive response to the questions relating to the use of online resources and tools is supported by the work of Skaane and Wattne (2009) who found that the cyber-learning environment facilitated interactivity and student co-operation.
Also Euro 2 million will go to the Skaane Project, developing functional airspace blocs for lower airspace, Euro 4 million on creating a central European air traffic services (CEATS) upper area control centre, Euro 4.
MD Foods seems to be doing this: anticipating Swedish entry into the EC in 1995/96, it has formed a joint company with Klover Maelk and Skaane Mejerierne to gain access to their distribution network in Sweden.
Initial experience by Skaane et al concluded that that DBT increased the sensitivity for detecting cancer, including those presenting as spiculated masses and distortions.
A subsequent prospective study of 26,000 women by Skaane et al concluded that mammography plus tomosynthesis resulted in higher cancer detection (increased by 27%), and found more invasive cancers in the screening population.
Seiler S, Skaanes PT, Kirkesola G, 2006, Effects of Sling Exercise Training on maximal club head velocity in junior golfers, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 38(5): S286.
THREE Norwegian players Huddersfield Town should have an extra look at, according to Sondre Tronstad: | Kasper Skaanes (right) - Midfielder - Brann He's a quick winger, good one on one, easy to get the ball and in constant movement.