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see ShkodërShkodër
or Scutari
, Serbo-Croatian Skadar, anc. Scodra, city (1989 est. pop. 80,200), capital of Shkodër dist., NW Albania, at the outlet of Lake Scutari. It is a market center in a fertile agricultural area that produces a variety of crops.
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, Albania.
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In general, there seems to be a slower pace of life for those who make their homes around Skadar rather than in one of Montenegro's city centers.
Contribution a la connaissance de la faune des Oligochetes des trois grands lacs Yougoslaves, Prespa, Dojran et Skadar.
The image of the country, especially of its seaside towns, most of which are now connected to the regional Lake Skadar water pipe system, is changing on a daily basis.
Svety Stefan (main picture), Vranjina village on the shore of Skadar lake (left) and the walled town of Kotor (right)
Greek towns where money was minted were Vis, Stari Grad on island of Hvar, Risan, Lijes and Skadar.
few small countries with so much surviving natural wealth still untapped: excellent Adriatic beaches, clear lakes - like Skadar, fast flowing rivers and striking
Activity-spurred travellers can explore Montenegro's unspoilt nature and national parks such as Skadar Lake, perfect for an excursion around lake or a spot of bird-watching.
By Skadar Lake we sat in dappled light under weeping willows sipping refreshing drinks, while metres away was a tumbledown building housing several families of people wondering where the next meal was coming from.
Lake Skadar is just a hairpin bend or two away from Cetinje and well worth an excursion, as for approximately pounds 10 you can have a boat trip around this stunning lake.
Montenegro has four national parks, among them Skadar Lake, the biggest bird sanctuary in Europe.
The projects concentrate on inclusive tourism management in the border zone, support for sustainable environmental development, social cohesion improvement, economic development with a focus on tourism, strengthening women's entrepreneurship, environmental preservation of the Cijevna river, and cultural and touristic offer of Shkoder and Podgorica with special emphasis on the Skadar Lake.