Lake Scutari

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Scutari, Lake


a lake in Yugoslavia and Albania. The area varies between 356 and 370 sq km, depending on the seasonal change in water level. Depths range to 12 m. The eastern and northern shores are low, while the western and southwestern shores are mountainous. Water from the lake is conveyed by the Buene River to the Adriatic Sea. Lake Scutari is navigable, and there is fishing on a commercial scale. The Albanian city of Shkodra is situated close to the lake’s southeastern shore.

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By Skadar Lake we sat in dappled light under weeping willows sipping refreshing drinks, while metres away was a tumbledown building housing several families of people wondering where the next meal was coming from.
MontenegroOs small enough so that you can sunbathe along the Budva Riviera, cycle around the Skadar Lake and then dine at a mountain restaurant all in the same day.
Montenegro has four national parks, among them Skadar Lake, the biggest bird sanctuary in Europe.
BEAUTIFUL: The Skadar Lake National Park village in Vranjina,Montenegro,Croatia
Skadar Lake (full-day) pounds 25: Visit the largest lake on the Balkan peninsula, known for its rich flora and fauna.