Skeleton construction

Skeleton construction

Any construction in which the loads are transmitted to the ground by a frame, as opposed to construction with load-bearing walls.

multistory frame, skeleton construction

A building framework of more than one story in which loads are carried to the ground by a system of beams and columns.

skeleton construction

A type of construction, usually for high buildings, in which the loads and stresses are transmitted to the foundations by a steel framework of beams and columns; the walls are supported by the framework.
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Construction: Reinforced concrete skeleton construction with ribbed ceilings, load-bearing parts and faade parapets, mainly as precast concrete elements.
Till now, the skeleton construction phase has been completed with some villas beginning the finishing work, said a statement from Swicorp.
So far, the skeleton construction phase has been completed with some villas beginning the finishing work.
In the second case, (prefabricated concrete skeleton construction with multi-storey columns) the verticality deviation of the column is decisive as it cannot be surveyed directly.
Steel skeleton construction was used for the first time by architect William L.
The buildings from the year 1984, Consist of a 4-storey reinforced concrete skeleton construction as well as triple sports hall, Cellar and underground car park and stand at orleansplatz under ensemble protection.
It consists of a solid construction in reinforced concrete skeleton construction with stiffening cores, a concrete facade and non-supporting interior walls made of plaster.
max planck institute for polymer research: Year of construction 1986-1991 and 2005-2006, Institute building in reinforced concrete skeleton construction with curtain wall, Basement + 1 to 3 storeys, With physico-optical laboratories (with high technical requirements for cold, Power supply and temperature constancy), Clean room, Nmr spectroscopy, Scientific data processing, Auditorium and workshop; Usable area nf 1-6 approx.
the object was built in the late 1960s in reinforced concrete skeleton construction.
New construction as structural skeleton construction with vh facades in aluminum and affiliated 1-gesch.
The building is planned in reinforced concrete skeleton construction with a central reinforced concrete core over earth-contacting exterior walls made of reinforced concrete reinforced concrete, A flat roof sealing made of plastic sheets and a faade in aluminum element construction with three-pane insulating glazing.
Erection of a bicycle shelter as steel skeleton construction with roof covering made of trapezoidal sheet metal and bituminous welding track on osb boards with fir slat cladding.