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A program that allowed users to draw on a screen with a light pen. It supported constraints (e.g. drawing a constrained ellipse produced a circle). It also had some computer aided design features (e.g. computing loads on beams).

Sketchpad was the subject of Ivan E. Sutherland's 1963 MIT PhD thesis, which opened the field of computer graphics. It was the progenitor of computer drawing packages like MacDraw or Adobe Illustrator. There is a film of Sketchpad in action.

It solved constraints using value inference and introduced the "ring" list structure.

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For designers, the sketchpad is the starting point, which is why "Showgirls: The Costume Designs of Eduardo Sicangco" is a fascinating look into the creative process of renowned Bacolod-born, New York-based stage designer, scenographer, and costume designer Eduardo Sicangco.
The sketchpad representation of the hand-made model is shown in Figure 1.
Such is the case with Kevin Meier, an incredibly talented Roseville-based illustrator and “concept innovator” who, as a child, discovered his love of creating with only a number two pencil and a sketchpad.
His sketchpad was filled with neat cursive detailing the vital signs and symptoms he'd had since leaving Katmandu three days earlier.
Whenever we go abroad, I always make a beeline for the pastry shops with my sketchpad.
We have FOUR merchandise packs from the film to give away, including a T-shirt, tote bag, sketchpad, pencil tin and pencils and the CD soundtrack.
Thus, additional studies revealed that Visuospatial Sketchpad implicates more executive functions than does Phonological Loop (Baddeley, 1996; Hegarty, Shah, & Miyake, 2000).
com will follow their illustrative journeys from sketchpad to sign-off, documenting the individuals' thought and design process through a series of fly-on-the-wall films and interviews to be shared online with their expanding worldwide audience.
This neat unit really does open up the iPad to being more than just a sketchpad for musicians.