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A Scheme implementation with packages and other enhancements, by Alain Deutsch et al, France.
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Copying credit or debit card data (account numbers, PINs, expiration dates) during legitimate transactions in order to make unlawful ones later. In a restaurant, when waiters take the customer's card away to authorize the transaction, it is very easy to jot down the number or run the card through a reader.

Skimming Hardware
Skimming devices can be placed over card readers at ATMs and gas pump terminals. Casual users may not notice that the reader has an unusual shape or is larger than normal, which indicates a skimmer is being used. See EMV.

Pay-at-table Terminals
In Europe, wireless mobile terminals are widely used to authorize the card in front of the customer. However, they are not found in the U.S. because the machines are generally not set up for signatures. In addition, American diners may feel intimidated telling the waiter how much of a tip to include.
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Has the answer come from your uncle?" said Skim, doubtful whether so remote a land as America had posts.
"Where there ain't any roads?" Skim interrupted, but none laughed.
Nor can they tell why Skim Winsh, who came to his cottage under Dutton Shaw most musically drunk at 10.45 P.M of every Saturday night, as his father had done before him, sang no more at the bottom of the garden steps, where Sophie always feared he would break his neck.
on Saturdays Skim remembered it was his duty to posterity to keep it open--till Mrs.
Alex, who skims about 100 stones a week, said: "The 98m skim was a good one but it tailed off at the end, just when I was hoping to make it a 'centurion'."
Skim milk and reformulated skim milk were pasteurized at 78 C for 15 seconds (HTST pasteurization), or at 140 C for 2.3 seconds using IND-UP or DSI-UP.
The charity has teamed up with Skim Technologies who are providing the underpinning technology that automatically generate these flashcards saving Breast Cancer Care valuable human resources and delivering much-needed information to those affected by breast cancer.
Gareth Twamley, who can skim a stone across water for 92 metres RICHARD SWINGLER
In many countries and in various languages it is the frog metaphor that is perceived in the hopping stone as it skims the water: in Bengali, it's called 'frog jumps' or 'kingfisher'; the Bulgarians call it 'frogs', too; the Greeks, 'little frogs'; the Spanish, 'making frogs'; the Hungarians, 'making it waddle', while the Poles refer to the game as 'letting the ducks out'.
Filtered fresh milk (from buffalo, cow and camel), homogenized milk (Milk Pack(r)) and skim milk (SKIMZ(r)-Candia; 10 %) was warmed in a double boiler at 92-95C for 10-12 min, and then cooled to room temperature.
Soy and skim milk can cut the saturated fat and calories by a lot.