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see FerganaFergana
or Ferghana
, city (1989 pop. 200,373), capital of Fergana region, E Uzbekistan, in the Fergana Valley. The marketing center of a large oasis area, it has silk, cotton, and artificial fiber industries. Oil, coal, and uranium ore lie in the area.
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, Uzbekistan.
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(7) But could we, in 1878, blame the insufficiency of suitable statesmen in national politics when our government and society possessed people of such orientation and such capability as Skobelev, (8) Ignatiev, (9) Aksakov, (10) Katkov?
One has only to look at the efforts of the first minister of labor, Mikhail Skobelev, and his special d epartment on labor-management conflict in the first and second coalitions to appreciate the magnitude of his tasks.
Skobelev for allowing them to compare their results from the inversion programs Res2DInv and ZondRes2D.
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For business executives, students, politicians, and others dealing with the increasingly complexity of the Internet-based global market, Rzevski and Skobelev present an original method for managing complexity, and describe many practical examples of the results achieved by applying it to a variety of business problems.
According to Dimitri Skobelev, director of the Russian-based Coordinating Information Service Center (CIS), speaking at ChemCon Europe 2014 in Istanbul, the regulation lists the general provisions for the management of chemicals in the three countries, such as industry's obligation to register their substances, classify them and provide precautionary labels in accordance with the UN Globally Harmonized System (GHS).
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Skobelev (9781608071906, $139.00) provides engineers with an in-depth reference detailing array element characteristics and different approaches to optimum design.
Skobelev is a phased array expert working for the Russian company Radiophyzika, formerly a research institute for the Soviet Union.
Russia's Vladislav Skobelev won the race with a degree of 25:43.1 minutes.