an urban-type settlement in Stučka Raion, Latvian SSR. Located on the right bank of the Daugava River, Skrīveri has a railroad station, 72 km southeast of Riga. The Latvian Scientific Research Institute on Crop Cultivation and Agricultural Economics is located in the settlement. Skrīveri also has an arboretum and the house-museum of the writer A. Upīts.

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Last night, coolest night temperature records were registered in Rezekne (+4.6 degrees C), Daugavpils (+4.1 degrees C), Zilani (+6.2 degrees C), Skriveri (+5.3 degrees C), Bauska (+6.3 degrees C), and Saldus (+6.3 degrees C).
Radisondes are launched once a day at 00 UTC at Harku (Estonia, 165 km), Skriveri (Latvia, 197 km), and Kaunas (Lithuania, 410 km).
Another fairly recent, five-season-old and fast-growing addition to cold desserts comes from the small Latvian town Skriveri. Known for an innovative spirit and original recipes, Skriveri Home Ice-cream is made of all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives, offering a garden variety of fifty or so imaginative and artistic flavors, from basil, peppers, beer, black balsam (Latvian liquor made of herbs), cottage cheese or pumpkin, to even more unexpected choices like parsley and tomato sorbets.
In the Alberta street location in Riga, Skriveri holds an open house with magazine and poetry readings, and their Web site is full of other such 'meetings' and alternative-to-supermarket locations.
Contract award notice: National regional motorway P32 Augsligatne - Skriveri 0.006 - 13.98 km rebuilding.
National regional motorway P32 Augsligatne - Skriveri period 0006 - 13.98 km rebuilding.
Contract notice for Rebuilding of National regional motorway p32 aug ligatne - skriveri 0.006 - 13.98 km rebuilding.