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a representative organ of power in Yugoslavia.

According to the constitution of 1974, a skupštine is a “social self-managing body and the supreme organ of power within the framework of the rights and duties of its sociopolitical community” (art. 132). There are skupštine in communes, autonomous provinces, and republics; at the federal level, there is the Skupština, or Federal Assembly, of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

At all levels, skupštine have two or more chambers. They are based on a delegate system, in which a delegation consists of persons elected for four-year terms by secret ballot in labor groups and in geographical districts and persons empowered by a given group to represent its interests in skupštine at various levels. The leading organs of the League of Communists, trade unions, and other sociopolitical organizations are also considered delegations.

The skupštine of communes, autonomous provinces, and republics have three chambers (vécé). At the commune level, the skupštine includes the Chamber of Associated Labor, with delegates from the labor delegations. The Chamber of Local Communities, or Chamber of Communes, has delegates representing geographical districts. The Sociopolitical Chamber has delegates elected by universal, secret, and direct suffrage from among candidates nominated by the leading organs of the sociopolitical organizations.

In the skupštine of the autonomous provinces and republics, the Chamber of Associated Labor and the Sociopolitical Chamber are elected by secret ballot in the corresponding chambers of the skupštine at the commune level. The Chamber of Communes is elected by secret ballot in three chambers of the skupštine at the commune level.

The Skupština of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia is bicameral. The Federal Chamber has 220 delegates, all elected by the skupštine at the commune level; the six republics each elect 30 delegates, and the two autonomous provinces each elect 20. The Chamber of Republics and Provinces has 88 delegates, 12 from each skupštine at the republic level and eight from each skupštine at the provincial level.

All skupštine are elected for four years. Each skupštine approves policies and adopts resolutions on the basic problems of its community’s political, economic, and sociocultural life. It passes social plans budgets, and other enactments. It discusses questions of national defense, security, legality, and the judiciary. Each skupštine approves the organization and competence of its executive agency (executive council), its administrative agency (secretariats), and other such agencies. It appoints and removes members of the executive council and the officials of the administrative agencies. It directs and supervises the work of these agencies (seeYUGOSLAVIA: Constitution and government). [23–1598–]

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Thus, as regarding the budget of the Ministry of Army and Navy in 1938/1939, it was discussed in the financial commission of Skupstina in the last days of February, being set up to 2,928,165,957 dinars, establishing a growth as confronted to the budget for the carried on exercise of 156,000,000 dinars (31).
Its working gas capacity makes up 450 million cubic meters, peak deliverability - 5 million cubic meters per day.In October 2012 a final investment decision was approved for the South Stream project in Serbia.In February 2013 the Skupstina (Parliament) of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on the Public Interest and the Special Expropriation and Permitting Procedures with regard to the South Stream Construction.In March 2013 a long-term contract was signed for Russian gas supplies to Serbia in the amount of up to 1.5 billion cubic meters of gas annually for a period of 10 years.
In the spring of 2010, Bosnia Herzegovina sent an ambassador to Belgrade, after a three-year break, while Serbia's parliamentary body, the Skupstina, passed the resolution on Srebrenica--a major step in the direction of confronting the past.
In the case of the Republic of Serbia it means that the Public Enterprise of PTT Communications "Serbia" has the monopoly in the area of letter mail, court letters, letters by legal and offense procedure and in passenger traffic (Narodna skupstina Republike Srbije 2005).
Road length according to their rank Road rank Length (km) % Urban highway 32.2 3.73 Bypass highway 53.4 6.19 Magistral roads 233.3 27.03 I rank streets 212.4 24.61 II rank streets 275.1 31.88 Corridors 56.6 6.56 Total: 863.0 100.00 Source: Skupstina grada Beograda 2003.
On 28 August 1910, the Skupstina, the Montenegrin parliament, accepted a resolution ensuring that the Montenegrin principality now became a kingdom.
ON 22 OCTOBER, Skupstina Republike Crne Gore (Montenegro's 81 seat parliament) approved a new constitution ratifying its week-old status as the world's newest independent nation with 685,000 inhabitants, its own stamps, flag, head of state, border-guard, small army, airport but not yet its own passports.
In less than a fortnight, on November 19th, elections were held for a national assembly, and five days after that the elected candidates met, not in the traditional Skupstina (assembly) hall in Cetinje--the centre of Petrovicist opposition to unification with Serbia--but in an Italian tobacco storehouse at Podgorica.