Sladkovský, Karel

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Sladkovský, Karel


Born June 22, 1823, in Prague; died there Mar. 4, 1880. Czech political figure.

Sladkovský graduated from Charles University in 1848. In 1866 he became a doctor of law. A participant in the Revolution of 1848–49 in Bohemia, he helped lead the radical democrats and the Prague Uprising of 1848 and attended the Slavic Congress of 1848. In the spring of 1849 he was arrested and sentenced to death for participation in preparations for a new uprising. The sentence was later commuted to 20 years’ imprisonment. Sladkovský was pardoned in 1857.

In 1862, Sladkovský was elected a deputy to the Bohemian Assembly, and in 1867 he was elected a member of the provincial committee. In 1868, in protest against the compromise between Austria and Hungary and the constitution of 1867, he walked out of both the assembly and the committee. In 1875 he was reelected to the assembly.

As a leader of the Young Czechs, Sladkovský supported the transformation of the dual Austro-Hungarian state into a tripartite Austro-Hungarian-Czech monarchy. [23–1647–]

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