Spoil Heap

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spoil heap

[′spȯil ‚hēp]
(mining engineering)

Spoil Heap


a pile for stacking waste rock brought to the earth’s surface from mines and pits. At coal mines, as a rule, flat spoil heaps are built; conical, ridge, and sector spoil heaps are also known. Spoil heaps are classified according to the mode of transporting the waste rock; waste rock may be hauled by skip hoists, cableways, conveyors, trucks, rail transport, or hydraulic means. In order to minimize damage to the environment, spoil heaps are reclaimed in two stages—a construction stage that involves the leveling or grading of slopes and the placing of a fertile layer of soil on the surface and a biological stage that entails the sowing of grass and the planting of shrubs and trees.

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pdf) first identified  from copper slag heaps located in (https://www.
We are awaiting a specialist hydro engineer to give us further details in relation to the future movement or stability of the slag heap itself.
A TOTAL of 144 people, most of them children, died on October 21,1966 when they were buried by a coal slag heap at Aberfan, near Merthyr Tydfil in Wales.
ABERFAN villagers yesterday remembered the 116 children killed when a slag heap slipped from a hill, engulfing their primary school.
By going back to timeless archetypes, he bypasses the slag heap of historicism and yokes the memorial to a heavy sense of time, far from the everyday and the customary.
He likens Slag Heap, his latest play--which runs through May 7 at New York City's Cherry Lane Theatre, where it was developed in 2003 with playwright Ed Bullins as part of the theatre's Mentor Project--to "a techno Waiting for Godot: three people waiting in the remains for something to happen.
The use of Inco's slag heap as a background was what sold Sudbury as a location.
The properties are too small and close together, and the "cottages" are on slabs, on top of a settled but loosely dumped--and extremely porous--limestone slag heap.
OWEN MONEY - MERTHYR ``Born and bred in Merthyr some 55 years ago and love every blade of grass, every slag heap, every washing machine and every beautiful girl.
They saw their sons and daughters and nieces and nephews come to work in a plant that had been headed for the slag heap.
The Bavarian authorities are to carry out construction work preventing a slag heap collapsing on Neue Maxhtte's premises and not charge the company for the trouble.