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a. comedy characterized by horseplay and physical action
b. (as modifier): slapstick humour
2. a flexible pair of paddles bound together at one end, formerly used in pantomime to strike a blow to a person with a loud clapping sound but without injury
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in the circus, theater, and motion pictures and on the variety stage, a highly comic method of portraying life. Slapstick involves behavior that is illogical and departs radically from generally accepted norms. It may include the bizarre use of props, for example, the playing of musical works on saws, frying pans, or brooms with strings stretched over them and with a resonator made from an ox bladder.

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It sounds simple enough - but with Harry Enfield as director, the mood swings from slap-stick humour one minute to black-asnight pathos the next.
He is shown bowing with his hat in his hands and was made with a white ruff, yellow and blue striped jacket, and a slap-stick tucked under his red belt.
All very laudable, I suppose, but in a scene reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy slap-stick, the boat sprang a leak and the Oscar-winning thespian had to jump out and start bailing.
Mirroring Coriolanus's own vaudevillian excesses, the three servingmen, dressed in matching chef's hats and coats, accosted the stranger with all the movement, knockabout, and sound effects of a slap-stick bit by the Marx Brothers.
There is non-stop entertainment on the way, with a brilliant mix of slap-stick comedy and dry humour.
These are two deeply flawed characters, but rather than get into anything too personal, slap-stick scenes and emotional heart-tuggers break up the dramatic flow.
We've had the slap-stick with staring-eyed Andrew stumbling out of Los Angeles nightclubs and Sophie giving her all to a let's-pretend Sheikh of Araby for the merest sniff of a fat cheque.
Whereas Dufferin describes the comfort of his yacht's cabin and remains serene during a violent storm, Moore's experience of sea-faring is almost slap-stick -- overdosing on seasickness tablets, vomiting into his polo-neck jumper and never quite finding his "sea legs".
It's a brand new panto production that's been billed as a hilarious, fun-filled, family adventure full of slap-stick fun and sing-along Christmas songs.
No it is the penalty box comedy of errors and slap-stick routine leading up to it that will live on forever.