fifth disease

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fifth disease:

see parvovirusparvovirus
, any of several small DNA viruses that cause several diseases in animals, including humans. In humans, parvoviruses cause fifth disease, or erythema infectiosum, an acute disease usually affecting young children.
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My son came down with slapped cheek syndrome at school and I'm glad it started there because it looks exactly like it sounds and you half expect social services to turn up at your door.
Although the rash can look alarming, slapped cheek syndrome is normally a mild infection that clears up by itself in one to three weeks.
A common one is slapped cheek syndrome, or Fifth disease, which is caused by the parvovirus.
Pupils and staff at a Northumberland first school have been struck down with a skin infection called Slapped Cheek Syndrome.
Fifths disease: This is known as slapped cheek syndrome because of the distinctive rash that appears on the face.
Pupils and staff at a school have been struck down by a skin infection called Slapped Cheek Syndrome.
MY four-year-old daughter has Slapped Cheek Syndrome.
Dwynwen Davies was devastated when a scan showed daughter Martha had slapped cheek syndrome virus and was filling up with fluid.
Topics so far include: general infection control, especially the importance of good hand hygiene; direct contact diseases such as hand, foot and mouth disease, infective conjunctivitis and ringworm, also chickenpox, scarlet fever and slapped cheek syndrome.