shifting agriculture

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shifting agriculture


slash and burn

a type of nonintensive agriculture, practised in tropical forests where soil fertilities are low. It involves the clearing and burning of existing vegetation in order to cultivate crops. When the soil becomes depleted, or earlier, the society moves on to repeat the process elsewhere, often leaving the forest to regrow. Although perhaps ecologically sound, such forms of agriculture are threatened by economic development. Compare HUNTER-GATHERER.

Shifting Agriculture


a primitive system of farming in which a field, after producing several harvests, was left to become weed infested and uncultivated for eight to 15 years. The natural vegetation restored the fertility of the soil.

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The Eastern Spider Orchid population on WHNCR is monitored regularly as part of the study by DSE and does not appear to be detrimentally affected by the slash and burn management.
Some bookies use 'precedent' as an excuse - I wonder do backers of Slash And Burn give a hoot about precedents?
Wilson's slash and burn guitaring is a breath of fresh air at a time when a generation of tepid teen players are being taken seriously as blues musicians.
Firms with the courage and conviction to avoid falling into the old trap of slash and burn are the ones that will weather the storm most successfully by retaining customers.
He said: "This action by HP typifies the slash and burn approach adopted by some American companies.
This isn't slash and burn, this isn't laissez-faire, 18th century, Darwinian, biological competition where only the fittest are going to survive,'' Kemp told an approving audience.