shifting agriculture

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shifting agriculture


slash and burn

a type of nonintensive agriculture, practised in tropical forests where soil fertilities are low. It involves the clearing and burning of existing vegetation in order to cultivate crops. When the soil becomes depleted, or earlier, the society moves on to repeat the process elsewhere, often leaving the forest to regrow. Although perhaps ecologically sound, such forms of agriculture are threatened by economic development. Compare HUNTER-GATHERER.
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Shifting Agriculture


a primitive system of farming in which a field, after producing several harvests, was left to become weed infested and uncultivated for eight to 15 years. The natural vegetation restored the fertility of the soil.

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For centuries, farmers have been using slash and burn agriculture to produce fertile fields for their crops.
Instead of slash and burn farming, the governor said she will provide livelihood assistance to Kaingin farmers of the towns.
It is reasonable to conclude that the slash and burn technique does reduce the invasion of Coast Tea-tree, but the information that is missing from this trial is the effect of slashing alone.
Delyn MP David Hanson added: "Here in Wales we will be affected disproportionately by the coalition''s slash and burn policies because of the importance of public sector employment.
Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison, said: "Whatever the Tories would have you believe, there are real alternatives to their slash and burn cuts.
"Last time we suffered slash and burn economics we had riots in the streets here in Liverpool.
David Casey and Charlie Swan, who combined to land a double with Slash And Burn and Offshore Account
Intelligent awareness of long-term values, and the incentive to preserve them rather than just slash and burn to get whatever you can today (because if you don't someone else will), is best actuated through private property.
But deforestation, poaching, slash and burn farming, and the development of palm oil plantations have taken their toll on this wet, lush jewel of an island.
Drought or no drought, the slash and burn method was the quickest way to clear land, even if one had to maintain a near-constant vigil against wildfire.
Smog from the city and the slash and burn agriculture and bacteria-laden dust fills the lungs.
Your February article on the music of Stephan Smith ("Slash and Burn," by Natasha Saulnier) was a welcome introduction to the emergent vitality of a new generation of protest music.