Slave dynasty

Slave dynasty:

see Delhi SultanateDelhi Sultanate,
refers to the various Muslim dynasties that ruled in India (1210–1526). It was founded after Muhammad of Ghor defeated Prithvi Raj and captured Delhi in 1192.
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Where he fell to his death playing polo in 1210 the polo ground was called 'Bagh-e-Chogan.' If anything historians still classify him as a 'Slave Dynasty' ruler.
The Byzantine Emperor Alexander, who died from exhaustion while hotly engaged in pursuing the ball; King John I of Trebizond, who breathed his last as result of a fatal injury suffered during the game; Sultan Kutubuddin Aibak from the Slave Dynasty, who became a victim of this sport , when his horse fell, impaling its rider on the pommel.
Sultangarhi is said to have the first Islamic Mausoleum of India built in 1231 AD for the eldest son of Iltumish of the Slave dynasty.
He apprised that from Alchamenian, it onwards came under the sway of many different influences and rulers namely Mauryans, Greeks, Scythians, Kushans, Sasanians, White Huns, Hindu Shahis, Ghaznavids, Slave Dynasty, Ghorids, Suri Afghans, Mughals, Durrani Afghans, Sikhs and the British before creation of Pakistan.