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a family of Czech landscape painters.

Antonín Slavíček. Born May 16, 1870, in Prague; died there Feb. 1, 1910. Slavíček studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts from 1887 to 1891 and from 1894 to 1897. His works, for example, At Our Place in Kamenički (1904, National Gallery, Prague) and View of Prague from Letna (1908, National Gallery, Prague), provide lasting impressions of old Prague and the Bohemian countryside. Slavíček maintained the traditions of the national school of realistic landscape painting.

Jan Slavíček. Born Jan. 22, 1900. Son of Antonín Slavíček. Slavíček studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts from 1916 to 1925. He painted scenes of Prague in an optimistic tone (Heroic Prague, National Gallery, Prague; State Prize of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1952).


Nezval, V. Antonín Slavíček. Prague, 1952.
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Dr Jim Slavicek, from Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA, said: "Who knew that a virus could change the behaviour of its host?
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Artists such as Theodor von Hormann, Prince Eugene, the Pole Antonin Slavicek and later Klimt himself, painted sombre, secretive pinewoods, beechwoods with trees standing in rich red beechmast around quiet pools, and birch forests, whose white and silver light was cleverly evoked.
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The other players in double-bassist Robert Balzar's Trio are Stanislav Macha on piano and drummer Jiri Slavicek, and in 2000 they recorded an excellent first two-disc set Along, which showed that they have already mastered modern mainstream, in which they play both standards and their own compositions, with sovereign, natural ease.