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Taking the floor, Health Minister Samira Merai Friaa underlined at the opening of the meeting, that Tunisia had established seven years ago a university degree in sleep medicine and has endeavoured to increase consultations and sleep disorder treatment wards in several teaching hospitals in Tunis, Ariana, Sfax and Sousse.
Smith, a professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and president of the Society of Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
Unlike United States, there are no formal sleep medicine training programmes or qualification in the United Kingdom or Europe.
The course focuses on the needs of the physicians and technicians who want to develop skill in sleep medicine practice," he said.
Sleep medicine physicians "need to think about companies that want to contract with primary care providers or insurance companies and get an exclusive contract that bars you from doing this kind of work.
The effects of sleep disorders should not be underestimated," said Allan O'Bryan, executive director of World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM).
David White, chief medical officer for Philips Home Healthcare Solutions and a Professor of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, said that through its sponsorship of World Sleep Day, Philips aims to increase people's understanding of the seriousness of sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea.
While the potentially valuable role of nurses in paediatric sleep medicine has been recognised in the literature (Johnson et al, 1995; Mindell and Owens, 2003), scant attention has been directed to nurses fully specialised in this field.
He said the company tied up with US-based Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine and Technology which would train the staff recruited for the SleepCare centres.
Useful for sleep medicine specialists as well as for clinicians and other health care professionals who are not trained in sleep medicine, this practical guide reviews common and less common neurological disorders accompanied by sleep disturbances.
I have to start by thanking our readers, conference exhibitors, speakers and other colleagues in respiratory care and sleep medicine who gave us hundreds of hours of their input and assistance putting together this year's 10th anniversary FOCUS conference.
Get more sleep, say experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.