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bending of the stalk of a plant (stalk lodging) or the entire plant (root lodging).

Stalk lodging is caused by the large load of lush growth on the lower part of the stalk. It is caused by overgrowth, a high nitrogen level, abundant watering, and shading. Lodging also occurs in fields with climbing weeds and fungal diseases that afflict the shoots and roots of plants. Bread grains most often lodge at the end of the milk stage and the beginning of the dough stage, at which time the weight of undeveloped matter is greatest. In this period, walls of stalk cells may partially decompose to form seeds, as a result of which the straw becomes weaker. Root lodging occurs when the roots are poorly anchored in the soil because of excess moisture. The grain of lodged plants forms abnormally; it is sickly, its nutrient content is lower than normal, and its yield drops. The mechanized harvesting of lodged plants is difficult, and harvest losses increase.

Steps to prevent lodging include raising varieties resistant to lodging; observing norms for sowing rate and depth; using optimal doses of nitrogen fertilizer in combination with phosphorus, potassium, and microfertilizers; and treating crops with growth inhibitors (for example, chlorocholine chloride).


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Developing a sleeping place that was somehow hidden from public view was the most common strategy to avoid victimization.
He says due to lack of sleeping place, people with disabilities are sleeping in the streets.
One mother told researchers she had learned about the importance of using breathable blankets while other parents said they believe the box is a safe sleeping place for a variety of reasons including:
The boxes, which will be offered free to all new mums from this summer, come with essentials, including bottles and nappies, and provide a safe sleeping place for newborns.
Could our jails provide a safe sleeping place for families?
The way to have a warm sleeping place was this sweep away the ashes of the campfire and lay your bed on the spot where the fire had been built," wrote Englishman John Jacques, traveling the Mormon Trail.
Huw Roberts, from Ruthin, took this shot of his daughter Sian's moggies George and Zippy in their regular if rather unusual sleeping place.
To ensure she uses her bed, shut her in the room she will be using as the bedroom with nothing else to choose for a sleeping place, except her bed.
It's certain to be a daytime sleeping place and changing area as well as a home for toys, clothes and games.
If I was forced to share my sleeping place with someone I suspected was gay, I would have definitely left the service.
A tabby cat who curled up for a snooze in a car at Coventry's Peugeot factory found his purrfect sleeping place too hot to handle when the vehicle went through an oven to bake the paint.