Slide Projector

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slide projector

[′slīd prə‚jek·tər]

Slide Projector


an opticomechanical projection device that magnifies images of transparent originals (slides and filmstrips) onto a built-in or wall screen. Slide projectors are used frequently during lectures to display pictures and drawings and for reading microfilm. Varieties of slide projectors include slide viewers and the magic lantern.

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The aesthetics of the slide projection would then begin to define the aesthetics of artistic production.
The tongue-in-cheek tone of the video slide projection prevents its candid approach, familiar in contemporary art from the trend forecasts of the artist collective K-Hole, from coming off as purely hackneyed.
On another wall there's a slide projection of entertainment or fairground-type images and one wall is filled with a painted image of hundreds of people and a cow wandering about, with a ship visible at sea in the distance.
There is slide projection which shows film of waves and corn (for the masque).
In any case, it is very slickly done and if you like the original records you should enjoy these performances of them, with the documentary element reduced to slide projection and a few mawkish but mercifully brief links between the various stars.
Thus, in the slide projection (an antiquated technology in itself) Investigating the Co/or Spectrum of a Post-Apocalyptic Future Landscape, 2013, the photographs, taken on Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, suggest moonscapes.
He photographed and archived abstract geometric motifs printed on the trucks that drive across the interstate expressways of South America (the slide projection and artist book Camion, 2003); linked cocaine, a longstanding issue in Peru's social and economic life, to utopian communal projects of the 1960s (Inka Snow, 2006, a mixed-media architectonic model); and later remade patterns reminiscent of Op art and Minimalism using rattan, a palm-derived material (Rattan, 2009).
The supporting works--black-on-black silkscreens, found photographs, newspapers inadvertently encoded with poems, and a slide projection of Adachi's prison drawings--were less convincing, but the collaboration between Baudelaire and Adachi, pensive and playful, is something one hopes will be sustained.
A slide projection documenting the gathering was placed next to Job Koelewijrfs iconic Cleaning of the Rietreld Pavilion, 1992.
The cropped line of text was taken from a book on the French painter Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) and aptly pointed to the fractional understanding with which most viewers likely engaged this exhibition, as well as to the fragmented nature of the exhibition itself: two rooms featuring ethereal abstract drawings and a reverse slide projection separated by a reiteration of an antechamber at the Institut Guerlain in Paris--designed in the 1930s by Jean-Michel Frank to be made by stage designer Christian Berard.
Also shown, along with several smaller works, was the narrated slide projection A Man Called Love, 2008, and a new film, The Work of the Spirit (Parade), 2011.