slide show

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slide show

(1) A collection of pages arranged in sequence that contain text and images for presenting to an audience. It often refers to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. See presentation graphics, PowerPoint and slide transition.

(2) The continuous display of a folder of images on the computer, either sequentially or at random. Slide shows are created by stand-alone applications or a slide show function within a photo editor. Such programs generally offer a variety of transition effects between images (cut, fade, wipe, etc.), which can be selected or interspersed at random. The interval between images is also selected by the user as well as an audio file to provide background music.

Some programs allow the slide show to be burned onto a CD or DVD with a self-contained viewer that can be sent to friends and family. See photo editor.

The Real Slide Show
Beginning in the 1950s, 35mm transparencies (slides) were projected onto a screen or white wall. The slides were inserted into a carousel tray, and each one dropped into the light path as the tray was rotated. Kodak was a major supplier of slide projectors as in this example.
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In May at 45 Orchard Street--a vacant storefront on the Lower East Side serving as a temporary exhibition space for "Itinerant," a series of curatorial ventures orchestrated by Marian Goodman Gallery's Rose Lord and 303 Gallery's Mari Spirito--Mario Garcia Torres presented two slide shows. The first, titled In a new work, Cover Letter, 2011, takes the form of a job application precis: In a sequence of subtitles, which accompany images of flowers being arranged in a vase, Garcia Torres politely addresses a Findungskommission (finding commission), and puts forth his candidacy for a position as director of the Kunsthalle Bern, in Switzerland.
With the digital slide show card, a maximum of 50 photos can be uploaded through a self-contained 1-inch retractable USB cord and be presented on the 1.8-inch LCD screen.
On Saturday, he will show Part 1 of the slide show again, followed by the first film in the trilogy, "What Is It?"
Slot Machine bring hilarious production THE SLIDE SHOW to Stockton's ARC on Tuesday.
The greeting card giant says the digital slide show card holds up to 50 digital images, includes an original holiday sound track and allows the sender to record voice messages to add a personal touch to the greeting.
Birmingham Mail columnist Dr Chinn will start the slide show at the Raddisson SAS Hotel, Holloway Circus, on April 30.
Lise Van Susteren learned she was one of the 50 trainees chosen by former vice president and Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore to present their version of his global warming slide show, "An Inconvenient Truth," to audiences around the world, she was overjoyed.
"When wedding guests see the slide show, they often ask if they can look at the pictures later online.
Offering both integrated DVI and VGA ports, users can connect their monitor to the DVI port for superior video clarity or view presentation notes on one monitor and the actual slide show on another or see an enlarged version of a single application or image spread across two monitors.
Tangible proof that the World Trade Center site only appears to be a "hole in the ground," to those not looking beneath the surface was offered at a slide show presentation September 14 for members of the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA).
He described the ADL program as a vicious example of the sandwich smear: "Responsible, patriotic organizations such as the Minutemen and the California Coalition for Immigration Reform [CCIR] were repeatedly cited as 'virulent' and 'anti-Hispanic,' and grouped together with the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups like Stormfront." The ADL slide show particularly focused on CCIR leader Barbara Coe.
And though it may be easier for many Americans to grasp the perils of global warming than to imagine Al Gore presenting a fascinating 90-minute slide show on the dangers of climate change, Guggenheim's documentary and the surprisingly engaging and soulful Gore are by turns educational, entertaining, and riveting.