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slide show

(1) A collection of pages arranged in sequence that contain text and images for presenting to an audience. It often refers to a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. See presentation graphics, PowerPoint and slide transition.

(2) The continuous display of a folder of images on the computer, either sequentially or at random. Slide shows are created by stand-alone applications or a slide show function within a photo editor. Such programs generally offer a variety of transition effects between images (cut, fade, wipe, etc.), which can be selected or interspersed at random. The interval between images is also selected by the user as well as an audio file to provide background music.

Some programs allow the slide show to be burned onto a CD or DVD with a self-contained viewer that can be sent to friends and family. See photo editor.

The Real Slide Show
Beginning in the 1950s, 35mm transparencies (slides) were projected onto a screen or white wall. The slides were inserted into a carousel tray, and each one dropped into the light path as the tray was rotated. Kodak was a major supplier of slide projectors as in this example.
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In Gomez's first Instagram slideshow post, she shared four photos of herself wearing a white halter top without a bra.
In this trial, the Slideshow feature is rolled out to select users.
The key distinctive feature of the platform is the diversity of video and slideshow types - from business presentations up to travelogues and wedding slideshows.
Software company Wondershare Software Co Ltd revealed on Thursday that it has released the latest version of its DVD slideshow maker, Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder 6.
20 to the Giants, who went on to win the Super Bowl yesterday -- when the slideshow was posted.
That night, Trachtenburg wrote what would become the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players' first song, ``Mountain Trip to Japan, 1959.
The slideshow about clinical vs statistical significance is improved somewhat and is now called Making Inferences.
DVD PixPlay is an inexpensive and easy-to-use solution for digital camera users to share their digital photos and videos with friends and family, through the use of image slideshow discs that can be played back on a TV using a DVD player.
Using the built-in photo editor, each image can be enhanced before you add it to the slideshow.
In the first step of the wizard, the user can select to either add music to a video/photo or create a slideshow with music.
This slideshow shows various images from a far east El Paso community where a proposed power plant near a colonia has spurred some residents to mobilize in opposition.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 23, 2010-Wondershare Software introduces DVD Slideshow Builder 6.