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7 seconds and the slingshot effect carries on up to a claimed top speed of 142mph.
Hakkinen gave Coulthard a tow down the back straight as the 29-year-old Scot started his final flying lap, effectively known as the slingshot effect.
And Fox and ABC have learned that too many Davids can create a slingshot effect that puts the shooter at risk.
If the history of the presidency teaches anything, it is that the political slingshot effect applies to the presidential institution in just such circumstances.
That means if he can bend it sufficiently after his plant at the end of the runway, the pole's slingshot effect will send him soaring high.
With inflatables, don't speed above 20 mph; use a tow rope 50 feet or less to prevent a slingshot effect, which can whip the rider off (the rider can't steer these toys).