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A graphical World-Wide Web browser specifically designed for Microsoft Windows users who have Unix shell accounts with their service providers. Its primary feature is that it does not require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP services. SlipKnot is distributed as restricted shareware.

Version: 1.0.

SlipKnot home.

E-mail: <>.
References in classic literature ?
But in such striking-out he tangles his arms, pulls strong on the slip-knot, and it runs home.
"But you can still drink, I hope"; Fatty at the same time mollified and invited, with his one hand deftly pulling the slip-knots that fastened his bundle.
I took the cover off and released the slip-knot to make the cover easier to sew and used scrap fabric to sew on two, 12-inch wide panels the length of the flaps.
In "that slip-knot time / of near-miss," the speaker reflects on how we choose to craft the stories we tell ourselves and each other in order to make sense of losses we cannot possibly understand.