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A graphical World-Wide Web browser specifically designed for Microsoft Windows users who have Unix shell accounts with their service providers. Its primary feature is that it does not require SLIP or PPP or TCP/IP services. SlipKnot is distributed as restricted shareware.

Version: 1.0.

SlipKnot home.

E-mail: <>.
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Four years ago it was Korn who were the opening act, whereas when Slipknot return to the Utilita Arena on Friday, January 17, it will be Behemoth who are on opening act duties.
Posting on their social media accounts, Slipknot wrote: "We'll be returning to select cities across Europe & the UK in 2020, with dates and venues to be announced at a later time."
The veteran rockers will top the bill at next year's festival, alongside American acts Tool and Slipknot. (Photo by PA/PA Wire)
NEWS:&nbsp;( Slipknot Bassist Hospitalized; Lead Singer Corey Taylor Addresses The Crowd After Alessandro 'V Man' Venturella Medical Emergency [VIDEO]
"Slipknot leads with aromas of citrus, pine and stone fruit," commented executive brewmaster Jamie Emmerson.
An insider said: "Production got in touch with Slipknot because they heard Corey and the band love the show.
NEW YORK (AFP) - The guitarist for the heavy metal band Slipknot was injured Wednesday in an apparent drunken brawl with his brother, police said.
The vase loves patience a slipknot of a bald woman's hair.
MANSFIELD - After nine long, hot hours, it was clear Friday night that the close to 10,000 fans at the Comcast Center were ready for Slipknot's first headlining U.S.
And that was just the girls.) They were hoping to meet Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor, who was signing copies of his autobiography in the store.
The 'All Nightmare Long' group topped the poll compiled by UK magazine Kerrang!, beating My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Green Day and Foo Fighters.
Joey Jordison of metal band Slipknot, according to a poll by UK drum magazine Rhythm.